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In-Mobility is a cloud based customer relationship management application made to give you the right tools
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28 February 2014

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This tool is a CRM and business management tool. It works with mobile devices.

This software tool will help you efficiently manage your sales, dematerialize invoices, offer a quality service, improve support efficiency, etc quite easily. That in turn will help you raise productivity levels across the board for all employees. In-Mobility is a complete billing and customer care solution created for professionals with all the functions needed to help manage your business. You will be able to manage complete accounts management, segment accounts based on specific categories. Contacts management organized into suitable categories could easily be set up. Lead management is supported. Leads can be categorized as needed and converted into accounts or opportunities. You will be able to record every interaction with customers. Same could be done for contacts and prospects. This tool will help create tasks, phone calls and complete appointments.

Opportunities that happen due to these communications with customers/ contacts/ prospects can give rise to opportunities and you could easily follow-up on them. Managing incidents such that it helps improve customer satisfaction is possible. For that purpose, if you need to prioritize the resolution of these incidents, that is possible too. Managing appointments with accounts, leads, contacts required or optional, set categories, etc. could easily be managed. You will be able to manage quotations as well as generate invoices with this tool. Same is true of customer orders. Credit memos could be generated from the invoices directly. You will be able to mail the generated documents directly from this application. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

In-Mobility is a great tool for your business, to make orders and invoices, manage your daily appointments, and mail your generated documents directly from the app!
In-Mobility gives you everything to go on day by day with your business activities.
We give you a clean and clear dashboard with all you need to raise your sales and simplify everything you know about doing business.
You can create your account now and try In-Mobility for FREE!
Keep in touch with your business documents (agenda, contacts, invoices, etc..) everywhere you go on your Mac, tablet and phone.
With features like:
- Complete Contacts, Client and Potential client Manager
- Agenda with daily reminders
- Activities Manager for tasks, appointments, phone calls
- Billings Manager for quotes, orders, invoice and Credit memos
- Syncs on every device
- SSL Secured
And much more!
In-Mobility CRM
In-Mobility CRM
Version 1.04
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